Help Us Build The Team
Next Goal: "1 Full-Time Video Animator"
BANK: UBS Switzerland
SUBJECT: "Association Crosspaint"
IBAN: CH 930024324323429340W
(the BIC error was corrected on 3Feb2018-should work now)
Where the money goes:
The production of videos slowed down because team members have exams and those working as freelancers need to focus on providing for their own needs.

But the need is great, youtube still free and the feedback very excellent. Should we stop?

With your help we will be able to have 1-2 persons permanently working on the videos to assure we can release more videos per month. 

The founders take no salary.

Next video: 
The Book Of Romans

Thank you!

Thank you so much in advance for helping us to reach our generation. 
We will administer the money as useful as we can. The Lord is near, and so his reward. 
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