The Fear of the LORD

1/10 Something is wrong...

Do you know that feeling that you look around you and think: Tell me, am I the only one who thinks there is a problem here?

2/10 How things are VS. How things should be

How do I know there is a problem? I look at what things should be like, an compare... And that's exactly what we will do in this video.

3/10 Knowledge

We have come up with many excuses for our poor condition… Why? – Because we don't know God. And we don't want to know Him, because His presence means stress for us...

4/10 A wrong definition

- "God is no longer someone we need to fear... that was in the Old Testament. But not anymore."
- "Fear of the Lord is to have respect for God."
Really? Let's take a closer look.

5/10 The Bible's Definition

So… what is the Biblical definition of the Fear of the Lord? Let's look at the exact meaning of the word, just as it is used in the Bible.

6/10 Fear in the NT

In the Old Testament, the definition of fear is very clear. But, how is this word used in the New Testament, what is its meaning?

7/10 Fear and Love

The apostle John says that "perfect love drives out fear". But is he reffering to the fear of the Lord?
And what kind of love is meant here?

8/10 Fear and Love

So you no longer have a mortal fear of God.
But why is fear still contained in the Fear of the Lord?

9/10 Love and Hate

Wait a minute, God wants us to hate?
Maybe you've never heard that hate is a quality a Christian should have… Let's take a closer look at the connection between love and hate.

10/10 Fear = Friend

Now we get practical. After taking a look at the theory in the first 9 videos, here we look at 5 reasons why fear is actually a good thing.