Hey! It's nice to get to know each other.

Ok, where should we start?

Explain to me shortly: "What is Crosspaint?"

What are your goals?

What church are you from?

What do you believe? (Creed)

If I support you, where will my money be going? 

At the moment, are you in need of financial donations?

Questions regarding Donations

How can I help Crosspaint?

How/where can I make a donation?

But how do monthly donations work?

Can I cancel my monthly donation?

May I get your bank details? I'd like to wire a donation.

I made a donation to Crosspaint. Will I receive a financial report?

Some questions regarding Crosspaint

May I use your videos in church /another event?

May I translate your videos into another language or dubb (sync) them?

May I reupload your videos on my website/Youtube channel?

How much is the community involved in building Crosspaint?

What could go wrong in this mission?

How many people work for Crosspaint?

How can I contact you?

And finally, some (boring) technical questions.

Technical problems?

I forgot my password. How can I get it back?

Where can I change my password?

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Oh... you have another question?

No worries. Send it to us.