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God has awakened me and set me free. My chains are broken! Free from cannabis and porn. You have helped me a lot, I learned a lot from your videos. Thank you for your ministry!

Gilles, 34

Thank you for the AWESOMELY helpful videos about the Bible or Bible books. You have helped me understand the meaning of the Bible. On top of that, the individual courses have been an enormous blessing in my prayer life and in my relationship with God. Thank you!

Ruth, 25

The Story Behind the Videos

"No, no! I won't take any of that stuff. It kills me."

These weren't screams from an asylum… No, they came from a teacher's office. Terrified like a bull surrounded by Toreros (bullfighters), a hyperactive boy was being encouraged by teachers to finally take his tranquillisers. Exhausted, the boy exclaimed: "I don't need these freakin pills… I need a father".

This is a true story.

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Crosspaint helped me understand that I am dead, and through my new life in Christ I can finally live to please God. Make sure to watch the Romans Series. It is the key! 

Petro, 35

Crosspaint really inspired me to study the Bible and to seek to understand it. 

Michelle, 20