What is Crosspaint?

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What is Crosspaint?

Good place to start! Crosspaint is the answer to a problem. We are in an information revolution, but most don't really understand what this means. The price we (as christians) will pay for our ignorance is that the coming generation will either not believe in Jesus Christ, or they'll run after a false Jesus... 

This is not something coming down the road, but an alarming reality. 59% of all young people today leave the church by the time they become an adult. And to be honest, is this any different in your church? Not really, right? 

Well, exactly this group of people primarily uses the internet to form their opinion. If we take a closer look, we'll find out that 80% of Internet users consume video content every day. 

This means that it doesn't matter how many books we pile up in our libraries: we still won't be reaching the young people. The place where opinions are formed are increasingly online and through video.

We love Jesus Christ and we love our fellow human beings.
We believe that Christ Jesus is the only way to salvation, true peace and joy, and the only way to solve the problems of our generation.

…we explain all of this in short animated videos on YouTube.

If you want to read about how Crosspaint started, click on the box right above this one (Our Story). 

What is your goal?

Indirectly? Evangelism.
Directly? Revival.

When we study the Bible and read church history, we notice that revival always started when individuals took God's Word seriously again – under conscience and persistent prayer. Crosspaint is the "through ball", "the final pass", to give a visual generation access to the truths of God's Word again.

Today, many young people are thirsty for God. Thirsty for “more”. Searching for meaning. But they have been trained, both in today's schools and through digitalisation, to read less and less. They have the Bible, either on their phones or at home, but they don't read it. When they do set the goal to read, it lasts maybe 2-3 days… Most of you know exactly what I'm talking about.

It's like trying to start a fire, but with a giant log and a single match. You can hold the small flame next to the giant log until it dies off… most likely you won’t start a fire. To start a fire you need dry twigs, wood chips or even paper – Good lighting material.

Think of Crosspaint as the firelighting material for your Bible study. The ideal intermediate step for those who aren't bookworms, but still love God, and want to know His will.

What church are you from?

We aren't from a church. Crosspaint is a personal ministry from Natha with a wonderful (his words), and partially global support team.

But we understand your question: "How can I classify you?” is what you really mean.

If you want to know how someone stands theologically, look at how he interprets Paul’s letter to the Romans.
So that’s recommendation: Watch our video overview on Paul’s letter to the Romans. Under the “Resources Tab” at the top of this page, click on “Videos”, and then on “New Testament”. You should find the series there!

PS: You can also read “What do you believe”? right below…

What do you believe?

Honestly, we aren’t the biggest fans of box-like-thinking.

Why? Because you may find something somewhere which you don’t 100% agree with, and you’ll dump us overboard like we’re Tea in Boston in 1773.
However, if someone insists in classifying us, we’ve put together some statements which reflect what we believe:

1. The Bible - The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge.

We believe that "...all Scripture is inspired by God and useful for teaching, conviction, rebuke, and instruction in righteousness, so that the man of God may be perfect, fully sent to every good work.” –2 Timothy 3:16-17

2. God - The fear of the Lord is a name of God.

We believe in one, triune and eternal God. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, are three equal persons and yet one God. God is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent and holy, just and full of love.

3. Sin - The fear of the Lord is to hate evil.

Through the disobedience of Adam and Eve sin came into the world. Sin is lawlessness. It is to strive to be like God; the desire to determine the cans and cannot's. "The wages (consequence) of sin is death.” –Romans 6:23 

4. Justification - Love drives out fear.

We believe that Jesus Christ is the only mediator between God and man. Justification is the just act of God, in which God ascribes perfect righteousness to a sinner whom he has awakened to faith in Christ, forgives him of his sins and welcomes him into his Ekklesia (Church).

If you want to know more about us, read our story.

If I support you, where will my money be going?

You're right – This is a very important question.

When supporting Crosspaint, your money goes 100% into Crosspaint's work.
 Natha, the founder, receives his salary independently, and not from the donations, in order to be free from any monetary driven thoughts in his decisions.

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How many people work for Crosspaint?

We are a team of 10 people from different corners of the world, aged somewhere between 23 and 40 (since we always get older, these numbers might by slightly higher today).
Want to know more about Crosspaint and how it started? We've written a story that gives you the background info.
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