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How does a monthly recurring donation work?

We're so excited that you're interested in making a donation towards spreading the Word of God online.

Our monthly giving program allows you to give as much as you'd like on a monthly cadence. You can choose to donate through a credit card, debit card, PayPal account, or directly give our bank account.

Your generous donation will then be automatically deducted starting on the date that you've signed up and will occur every month on the same day.

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How can I cancel my monthly donation?

You can cancel your subscription at any time under your My Account page.

General Donation


How can I help crosspaint?

Thank you so much for your interest in this project. Here are the things you can do to help the crosspaint community:

1 Pray
2 Donate if you don’t watch the videos
3 Give back if you watch the videos (this sounds similar to number 2, but there is an important difference. Example: You give money for a water project in Africa. You are not the beneficiary. Hence you donate. But if you take lesson at a guitar school, you pay for the lessons. You don’t donate. Paul in 1 Cor 9.11 If we have sown spiritual things among you, is it too much if we reap material things from you? If others share this rightful claim on you, do not we even more?


How can I donate/give back to crosspaint?

Check out all our donation options below:

Online: Donating online is our easiest option. You can donate using any major credit card or your PayPal account here.

Please note: that while we do accept international donations all transactions will be converted to USD.

Security for online donations: We use Stripe to securely process all online donations. Don't worry -- you don't need an account with them to donate to charity: water, and we'll never share your information with anyone.


I made a general donation to crosspaint. Do I get reporting for this?

We update our community regularly via video on the website. You will be very close to everything we do.


Can I get your bank details to wire a donation?

Yes our bank details are as follows:

BANK: UBS Switzerland
SUBJECT: "Association Crosspaint"
IBAN: CH 930024324323429340W

Please add your email address in the subject-line, so we can say thanks.

Sponsoring a project


What am I paying for when I sponsor crosspaint?

That’s a very good question, because some have made the experience to donate to christian projects only to find out that they were biblically unsound and therefore harmful. Instead of giving you a simple faith-statement, we ask you to watch our Romans Series. You will find pretty much all our convictions in this series.


How does crosspaint determine the cost of making a video?

The market price per video is at 4000-5000$. Please visit other agencies and ask for their pricing. So far we have worked in parallel to our day-to-day jobs, which has been exhausting for most of the team. But the Lord has been good!

We have a in-house team and an outsourced team. Our goal (which is a total necessity) is to have at least 3-4 team members working full-time for this project. Natha, the founder, is totally self-funded and takes no salary at all. Other team-members plan to be full or partially paid.


How much is the community involved in building crosspaint?

We want to carefully balance listening to our community of brothers and sisters, while not abandoning the Lord and his guidance. This is a daily effort. Thanks for your prayers!


What can go wrong?

First, that we lose the greatest opportunity to reach our generation. Second, that others will do it with false teachings.



I want to join the team

Great. We look for brothers and sisters who are:

Excited about our vision
Hard Workers who work under pressure
Self-starters who can work remotely
Teamworkers in an international environment
Comfortable to a changing startup-like environment
Are creative problem-solvers


How many people work for crosspaint?

Natha is the only full-timer, otherwise we have about 11 other part-timers...and an amazing community of crosspainters.


Do I get notified when there is a new Video on the website?

Currently, we don't have this feature yet. We're still searching for a webdeveloper. If you're interested in helping with the IT or know someone who's into coding & WordPress, don't hesitate to contact us!


How can I contact you?

You can contact us through the contact form below (please scroll down). The email will go to Natha. If you want to write anonymous, please use www.crosspaint.tv/arno


What’s your mission?

Crosspaint’s mission is to ignite a passion in people for Jesus. We know that is certainly not first priority of the world today and not even in the church. Therefore we know that this project will never be popular and grow big, unless the Lord does a miracle - and he can!. And maybe that miracle is you. You can support this and follow the journey.

We believe this could transform you and, if God permits, make you a person that will awaken a part of the world for Jesus. That would be mission accomplished for us.



How often do you film?

At the moment we can only film once per month. We would like to do more street actions or LIVE session. Let’s see what 2019 holds .


Are you improvising or reading a script?

What you see on camera is a direct reflection of Chris and Natha’s conversation offline. Ask Tim ;-) We do not read a script and we always film first take. So we don’t film a topic twice. Only the intros are sometimes repeated, but often not even those. Spontaneous is almost always best.

We have however studied these matter throughout our lives and refresh these topics before filming. Most importantly we pray individually through the schedule. Thanks for your prayer support as well.


Did you struggle with the problems you address?

We are not "the nice guys". We are simply not. Our greatest fear is to look perfect from outside and then to disappoint our bros and sis. Don’t think that way. We beg you, think: Natha & Chris were pretty average idiots when they were young and we did some pretty bad stuff in their youth, but happy the Lord saved them out of it. They still are not perfect, but hey we are all on the way, aren’t we?

On the flip-side it does not anihilate the truth that we are perfect in Christ! Hallelujah.

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