The Samson Series

This series has transformed lives… with over 30k clicks, it is currently also our most watched sermons series.
We pray the Lord may use it to speak to you too. 🙏

Is there REALLY a problem?

Many of you want more – want to go deeper. Get to know God better. Step into His presence. "Fall less and win more". AMEN!

But Bro… Unfortunately, I can't help you there. The Bible and the Holy Spirit have to do that.

How? Good question.
Let's sit down right now, me and you, and go through a story – from A to Z.

What is the problem?

Ok, there is a problem. That's settled.
We uncovered that in the first video.

But the question now is:
what does this change in your personal life?

WHY does the Church have a PROBLEM?

Why does the Church find itself in this situation today? Why do some people see things one way, while others understand the complete opposite?

Although everything may look like a colourful bouquet of different flowers, there is a common problem.

The solution: Who is God REALLY?

In the first video we saw that there must be a problem. It doesn't really matter where: it's clear that something's not right. Our fruits clearly manifest that.

In video 2, we located the problem: Hedonism

Video 3 than showed us that we have a false image of God – Idolatry! We took a lookk at how this started… But God is good. He wants to change us. This is clearly shown here in this example of Manoah.

How can I recognize my mistakes?

Now we're getting personal. So far we've looked at the general situation. What should, but is not happening in the church. But now let's zoom in.

Are you actually on the right track or is there something wrong individually?

Everything seemed fine with Samson… a young man. Strong. And yet he drove his life full speed into a wall. Was that somehow foreseeable?

How far can I go?

Sex, Drugs, & Relationships

"How far can I go?" "Is THIS already a sin?"
We all know these questions… and you're right, the Bible does not clearly say:
"Though shallst not smoke pot." 
Neither does it say that it's forbidden to go on holidays alone with your girlfriend. And the word "clubbing" is never even brought up!


A MISTAKE that Christians DO NOT want to make…

1 quick distraction – a head-on crash.
1 wrong step – a fall off a mountainside.
1 smile – an affair.

Sometimes small "inattentions" lead to great disasters. Especially when we are feeling safe.
– Multitasking while driving.
– That extra step beside a cliff for the perfect selfie.
– The super friendly…

Or in Samson's case: a lion. He thought he had the lion under control… But…

The Secret to Happiness

Sounds like the name of a book, doesn't it?
But: What would you give to be happy?

What would you give to be sure that you're not wasting your life?

God loves you infinitely, and wants you to reach the goal, to run the race. But for this you must know a principle – a divine principle. Let's talk about this in this video.

Masturbation -
A bottomless pit

Ok, things just got personal.

This sermon is about the question: How can I satisfy my hunger? And you know what I mean. Hunger for recognition, hunger for success, hunger for sex…
Samson was extremely hungry, especially for "the physical". The problem is that his hunger is never satisfied… he goes about it in a completely wrong way. Maybe this is you too… Then this video will be interesting for you.

The Holy Spirit – or my Spirit? Who is in Control?

I'm sure you've had this question before:
was this just my idea, or was it a sign from God?

Is this my will? Or God's will? It is important to understand how our flesh acts, and how the Holy Spirit leads us…
BONUS: We will also look at the connection between the fear of God and the fear of man!

– My Best Tips

The internet is the place where everyone hangs out, and where people tend to be overly honest.
It's where this generation forms their opinions.

But to be a modern "Christfluencer", you don't even need a YouTube channel. Just by posting things in your status you're already influencing people around you.

My goal here is to encourage you. I hope to motivate you to give it all for the Kingdom, and never have to look back and say:
"It was all for nothing."

How can I defeat the sin in me?

Why does this thing inside of me have so much power? There are something I DO NOT WANT to do, yet, BaAm… I'm doing it again!
Oh the law of sin!

But I have the Holy Spirit! Don't I? And He's stronger, isn't He?

That's what Romans 8 says…
Well, yes, He surely is.

But careful, you left out one very important detail…

The Demystification of Sin

Sin is NOT a concept from the Middle Ages. 
If you believe that – Just open your eyes bro! 

But… what IS sin? And how do I defeat it? 
How do I get out of the vicious circle?

Sin within you is a "thing". It has a life of its own. It's not a concept, it's an enemy! One that is stronger than you are… But: sin is also transparent. It has a logic. And if you know what that is… you'll always be the winner!

Spiritually blind and not even realizing it?

Imagine this: You are walking into heaven and a strange Jesus comes to meet you. 

➔ How awful!

But you know what? This will happen! For some Christians, unfortunately, it will! Jesus Christ himslef said this explicitly…

How can you find out if you're spiritually blind?

The core of the problem…

"Okay - how can I grow with God?" 
Wanting to grow spritually is an awesome desire. Through this series, many people got a whole new perspective on God… but that's not enough.

The question now is:
I'm at ground 0. I'm at the first step of the ladder.
Now what? How can I grow spiritually? How can I make rapid progress?

CAREFUL: There is 1 thing that keeps many from actually growing: and it's the core of the problem.

Is there any hope?
– The Amazing End

Are you thinking of giving up?
Your spiritual life too much of a mess?

WAIT: Please watch this video before making any rash decisions. It could change your life.