The Gideon Series

The second of 2 “Lockdown Series”, this sermons bring Gideon’s story into our time, and help with very practical subjects we all deal with (FOMO, Church problems, “Who should I marry”, porn…)Make sure you have your pen and notepad handy… and pray before you begin.

May the Lord speak through His Word. 🙏

A Panoramic View

Friends, the time has come ... a new sermon series is about to start! Our last sermon series (the Samson-Serie) had such overwhelming feedback (messages, encouragements, and testimonies)… it was clear: a new series was needed.

This time it's about Gideon!

Seeking Safety

Of course you're looking for security. For things that are “stable”. It makes sense… but are we approaching this subject as we should?

A Door of Hope

At the start of 2021, we only had the illusion that “this year would be better than 2020"…

…there is hope! A door of hope. Let’s open this door?

The side effects of FOMO.

"You have to see this! If you don't, you’re missing out…"

One of the biggest fears in our generation: FOMO
(the fear of missing out).

Biblical lessons for a contemporary problem.

God chose Gideon… why?

Now things gets personal…

You don't have to be brave or particularly bright 💡
You don't need a theology degree or a perfect family tree...

How do you picture God?

The answer to this question says a lot about your personality. What you like, what you hate, etc…

But an even more important question is:
Who is God?

How radical must you be?

Unsurprisingly, this was (by far) the most watched episode of this series ... why? Probably because so many are fighting the same battle ...

A Difficult Step

You have taken a step towards God, and feel ready to  embrace the world 😁
…but suddenly you realize that a few people see things quite differently.

Signs from God

Finally a sign from God… now I know exactly what education I should get and when I should get married…


What did Gideon’s prayers for a sign really accomplish?
And what does it mean for us?

Can God use just everyone?

How does God choose? What criteria does He have? How does He decide who He wants to use in battle, and who does He sends home?

PS: Are you someone God can use?

A word of encouragement!

Are you scared? 😱

Then this sermon is just for you! Because you are not alone in this. Gideon was also afraid. But there was something that REALLY encouraged him… 💪

“I’m still not free…” 

"I’ve done everything you said, but somehow it hasn't worked…"

Don't worry, you are not alone. I get messages like this all the time. If you know someone else who feels the same way, please share this video with them! 🙂

What is Priming?

How NOT to mess up…
We looked at Gideon for 12 sermons. A man who was used and who made a difference for God.

So all's well that ends well, right?
Unfortunately not with Gideon.

But it can be different for you. Find out how in the video.